USA Space Program russian fans rip american space program while the us wins Program USA Space

USA Space Program russian fans rip american space program while the us wins Program USA Space

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The temperatures around the equatorial and mid latitude surface at daytime and in the night are around 225oF and minus 298oF respectively. As the moon day is approximately 28 earth days, heating and cooling of the moon's surfaces affects the inside cave temperature significantly. The temperature difference in the opposite side of the moon makes the air in the cave move from one area to the other creating complex wind movements. When high speed wind flows across the vertical rock structures, it makes gurgling sounds in the caves, resulting in eerie or weird echo effects. The blowing wind helps to mitigate the high humidity conditions.

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The moon people had a unique system of beliefs. They presumed that all the memories that they remember are borne by an external soul associated with their physical body. So, they believed the soul was a separate entity from the body and that this soul could transmigrate. They identified the soul as their "Self". They did not have a concept of God, unlike the comparative situation with many religions on earth. However they firmly believed that the soul would instantly "Teleport" to a heaven immediately upon a person's death. They also believed that they would have youthful physical bodies when they took up their abode in heaven. They were convinced that heaven was an extremely beautiful place of pleasure with very many fun things to do and look around and enjoy. They believed that once they were in heaven, they would not age, fall ill, feel pain or have sorrowful feelings of any kind.

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In fact, in 18th century England, a murderer could plead "lunacy" if he had killed during a full moon and be given a lighter sentence than he would have otherwise received. So the observation and belief in a correlation between lunar phases and deviant human behavior dates back centuries.

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The other duo of Pluto's five known moons being studied, Kerberos and Styx, are also currently thought to be in chaotic rotation as well! However, Pluto well may have a few more small moons that have not as yet been spotted--at least, as of this writing.

People of all ages, women and men alike go to 'Payas' (Pagodas), 'Zedis' (Stupas) and 'Kyaungs' (Monasteries) in processions to water the sacred Bodhi tree, give alms, make offerings, keep precepts or practice meditation, enjoy the company of other worshippers, the music made by 'doh bats', (folk music groups) accompanying the processions and people even dance a few steps to their music. The celebrations are marked by good deeds, songs and music, dances, happiness, hope and many believers make a wish while pouring water on the Bodhi tree from your atar pot to water the tree in this hot summertime and gain religious merits. I too have made a wish, which is that you will enjoy my articles.

There are ongoing studies assessing the past habitability potential of the Red Planet, as well as the possibility of life.