Planets in the Winter Sky 01142015 ephemeris five bright planets and comet Planets in Sky the Winter

Planets in the Winter Sky 01142015 ephemeris five bright planets and comet Planets in Sky the Winter

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A little interesting about space life.

On July 20, 1969, during one of the defining moments of the human history, Neil Armstrong became the first man to step on the surface of Earth's Moon. In his own words, it was truly "one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind."

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Only some two weeks have passed since 'Yay' (water) played an important role in Burmese people's life. That was when in Tagu (March/April) during 'Thingyan' or 'Water Festival' - the 'Burmese New Year' - the people poured lots of water over one another to wash away all physical filth and dirt and the spiritual sins and evils in order to enter with a clean body and soul into the New Year. Meanwhile we are coping with the heat of the summer as best as we can. All my clothes are dry again and I have recovered from the cold I had caught during that time.

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Dr. Li continued to note that "Other studies have suggested the presence of water ice in shadowed regions at the lunar poles, but the pyroclastic deposits are at locations that may be easier to access. Anything that helps save future lunar explorers from having to bring lots of water from home is a big step forward, and our results suggest a new alternative."

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To help solve this mystery, Dr. Jacobson and his team devised supercomputer simulations of the growth of our Solar System's inner quartet of rocky, terrestrial planets out of the protoplanetary accretion disk swirling around our young Sun, from which the planetary building blocks, the planetesimals, eventually formed.

Crida and Charnoz tested their new model to find out whether it could be applied to other planets in addition to Saturn. Their investigation has brought to light several valuable facts. This scenario for moon-birth from planet-rings succeeds in offering an explanation as to why the largest moons dwell farther away from their parent planet than the smaller moons. It further explains the gathering of moons close to the Roche limit--their birthplace--on the outermost fringes of the rings. This distribution is in agreement with what is seen in the Saturn-system. The same scenario can also apply to the moons of other giant planets, such as the ice-giants Uranus and Neptune. The Uranus-system and the Neptune-system are also organized in a similar way. This discovery suggests that long ago, when these planets were young, they also sported impressive rings like those of Saturn--which ultimately vanished when their moons were born. Finally, this scenario can also explain the formation of Earth's Moon, and the moons of the dwarf planet Pluto. According to Crida and Charnoz's calculations, under special circumstances a single moon--like Earth's own--can be born from a primordial ring around its planet. This may well have occurred in both the case of Earth's single large Moon, and for Pluto's largest moon, Charon.

New Moon Happens Through Our Inner Senses. Now the Moon Goddess says our inner senses are just as important, with feelings and intuition being the most prized. The Moon Goddess's New Moon is now equally as important as her Full Moon. Just because we cannot see her at her New Moon, doesn't mean her influence cannot be felt, in fact maybe even more once we adjust.