NASA Space Rover nasas new mars rover is completely insane bgr Rover NASA Space

NASA Space Rover nasas new mars rover is completely insane bgr Rover NASA Space

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A little interesting about space life.

Aside from studies, scientifically or other, police officers and hospital staff are the ones who deal with crime, injuries, alcoholism, drug overdose, murder and suicides and many of them will admit that they do notice more of these problems during a full moon. But is that due to some metaphysical connection or due to the fact that moonlit nights are more conducive to outdoor activities, staying up later than usual, being more active, drinking more, etc?

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"We've found a likely solution to the long-standing problem of how Triton arrived in its peculiar orbit. In addition, this mechanism introduces a new pathway for the capture of satellites by planets that may be relevant to other objects in the Solar System," explained Dr. Craig Agnor, a researcher from the University of California, Santa Cruz, in the May 10, 2006 issue of Time Magazine.

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Europa, an icy little moon that circles the giant planet Jupiter, probably sustains a global ocean of liquid water beneath a tortured, shattered icy crust. For a long time, weird and jumbled regions of ice disruption, called "chaos terrains", were seen only on Europa, and their origins remained cloaked in mystery. But astronomers now think that the "chaos terrains" formed as the result of a subsurface liquid saltwater lake, equal to all of the Great Lakes on Earth combined. Hidden about 1.9 miles beneath Europa's cracked eggshell-like frozen crust, the ice-embedded lake may be one of the latest potentially habitable environments discovered so far in our Solar System.

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The most detailed pictures of Europa show even more intriguing clues that there is slush lurking beneath its brightly shining icy surface. Slightly smaller than Earth's own beloved Moon, Europa's surface temperature could easily freeze an ocean solid over a span of only several million years. However, some astronomers think that warmth from a game of tidal tug-of-war between Europa and Jupiter, as well as other neighboring moons, could be keeping large regions of Europa's subsurface global ocean in a life-friendly liquid state. This process is termed tidal heating, and it refers to a mechanism whereby the gravitational tugs of a nearby object (or objects) flex and bend and contract and expand another object continually. This constant churning causes the victimized object, in this case Europa, to heat up and be considerably more balmy than its great distance from the Sun would otherwise allow it to be.

"What people frequently forget in this field is that you never have just one big impact. We have to worry about how big the next biggest impact was," and whether that impact blurred the effects of the previous giant impact, he continued to explain.

During a Solar eclipse, when the Moon is New (both the Sun and the Moon in the same sign) the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, blocking out some of the Sun's energy. This eclipse will be total across parts of India and China. I saw a total eclipse years ago in Helena, Montana and I'm telling you, it was worth the trip! The air became very still and there was an eerie feeling of something happening that was so much bigger than us wee humans! Dogs were doing the low howly-growl, intensifying the primal feeling of our collective vulnerability. Such is the energy of an eclipse.