NASA Patch Outline nasa sts 121 getting ready to fly Patch NASA Outline

NASA Patch Outline nasa sts 121 getting ready to fly Patch NASA Outline

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A little interesting about space life.

It may be known fact that there is moon influence onto the tidal waves of the sea but it is never logic to make it applicable on human body. Those who claim this support their saying with the point that human body is mostly occupied by water hence the force should affect human's behavior as well. This is erroneous and has no scientific proofs. A valid explanation is that the moon affects the Earth's unbounded collection of water surface but water in the human body is completely covered, it is totally ridiculous to say the moon can direct the force through the skin into the body then impinge on the human's individual character.

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Over the years, several theories have been proposed to explain the mechanism involved in Triton's capture by Neptune. One theory suggests that Triton was snared in a three-body encounter. According to this scenario, Triton is the lone survivor of a binary Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) that had been fatally jostled during a destructive close encounter with Neptune.

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One of the findings they found out is that the lunar phases are consistently rotating. They go round and round without ending and every cycle is similar as the previous cycle. As there were no tools or technological devices to remind them of time, prehistoric populace only had the moon to be their guidance in life, besides the mighty Sun. The phase of the moon would indicate the time or month of the year, although it was not implied exactly in the form of months like how we are symbolizing the periodic months. But of course, the use of the moon did differ from one culture to another, one religion to the other.

Other facts:

Last night there was a full moon. One of my dogs was very on edge, starting at every sound, staring out into the darkness at something I could neither hear nor see. The other 4 dogs were sound asleep. Did she sense something different about the moonlit night?

Earth's Moon is the fifth largest moon in our entire Solar System, as well as the only world beyond our planet that we have visited. Our lunar companion is the largest and brightest object in the sky at night, and many astronomers think that it was born when the tragedy that was the pulverized Theia blasted into ancient Earth billions of years ago. There are other theories, however, that seek to explain how our Moon came to be. Nevertheless, the Giant Impact theory stands its ground as the most credible explanation for lunar birth. When the doomed, destroyed Theia impacted Earth, it shot debris above our planet. This abundant debris eventually coalesced to form our Moon.

Therefore, the planetary ring-spreading model can explain how the majority of regular moons were born in our Solar System.