NASA Concept Space Suit nasas developing a stylish new spacesuit for mars wired NASA Space Concept Suit

NASA Concept Space Suit nasas developing a stylish new spacesuit for mars wired NASA Space Concept Suit

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All the cities conduct ceremonial functions to welcome incoming visitors and to bid farewell to the outgoing visitors. As everybody either leaves a city or reaches a new city on a particular fixed day, these ceremonies are held at predetermined venues. As the logistics stand, this ceremonial function repeats on every fourteenth day in every city center. The day long ceremonies create good meeting opportunities for the people.

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On the morning of the full-moon day that is celebrated by Burmese Buddhists as the full-moon of Kason, Siddhartha Gautama, the son of the head of the Indian 'Sakya' warrior caste (which accounts for the name 'Sakyamuni', 'Sage of the Sakya', a name Siddhartha Gautama was also known by) sat under a Bo tree near Gaya (now Buddha Gaya in the north-eastern Indian state of Bihar) south of Patna (present-day Bihar's capital) when he had his 'Great Enlightenment' that revealed to him the way of salvation from suffering. This he tried to find for many years by looking for as he is said to have put it: "Who wrought these prisons of senses, sorrow, fraught."

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Earth's Moon is our planet's closest neighbor in space, but it is remarkable how even neighbors can keep secrets from each other. For years, astronomers thought that Earth's Moon was barren of water and other volatile compounds, but this notion began to change in 2008, when a team of planetary scientists announced that they had discovered small quantities of water imprisoned within volcanic glass beads, that astronauts had carried back to Earth from the Apollo 13 and 17 missions to our Moon. In 2011, additional research revealed extremely tiny crystalline formations within those beads--indicating that they contained quantities of water similar to some basalts on Earth.

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"The key question is whether those Apollo samples represent the bulk conditions of the lunar interior or instead represent unusual or perhaps anomalous water-rich regions within an otherwise 'dry' mantle. By looking at the orbital data, we can examine the large pyroclastic deposits on the Moon that were never sampled by the Apollo or Luna missions. The fact that nearly all of them exhibit signatures of water suggests that the Apollo samples are not anomalous, so it may be that the bulk interior of the Moon is wet," explained Dr. Ralph Milliken in a July 24, 2017 Brown University Press Release. Dr. Milliken is the lead author of the new research and an associate professor in Brown University's Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences. Brown University is in Providence, Rhode Island.

The new study, which Dr. Milliken co-authored with Dr. Shuai Li, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hawaii and a Brown University graduate, is published in the July 24, 2017 issue of the journal Nature Geoscience. The research was part of Dr. Li's doctoral thesis.

A moon is an enchanting thing! There are more than 100 lovely moons circling the eight major planets in our Solar System, alone--including our own beloved Moon--the brightest and largest gleaming object suspended in the brilliantly starry night sky above the Earth. But how did the moons of our Solar System come into being?