NASA Charts Shut Down nasa won39t leave astronauts stranded in space if shutdown Charts Down NASA Shut

NASA Charts Shut Down nasa won39t leave astronauts stranded in space if shutdown Charts Down NASA Shut

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A little interesting about space life.

When Apollo 11 landed on the Moon in 1969, we were presented with our first human contact with the moon. The mission was able to accomplish the task of not only landing on the Moon, but also to return to the Earth with samples from the Moon. These samples along with subsequent presented us with answers regarding the composition of the Moon, which also gave us some basic facts that any theory about how the moon was created must answer/address. We learned:The Moon does not contain an iron core like our Earth does, due to the fact that the Moon's density is only 3.34 grams per cubic centimeter (compared to the Earth's which is 5.52 grams per cubic centimeter).Samples collected from the surface of the Moon reveal that it underwent extreme heat and baking, much more than what the Earth experienced.

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However, the new findings also mean that scientists must come up with other explanations for why Earth's Moon is depleted of potassium, sodium, and other volatile elements. Additional explanations for this exist. One possible alternative explanation is that the volatile elements contained within the disk showered down onto the proto-Earth instead of escaping, or being part of lunar formation. Another explanation is that these volatile elements were part of our Moon when it first accreted from the post-collision disk but were later lost.

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Discovering the water content of volcanic deposits on our Moon using orbital instruments presents quite a challenge. Planetary scientists use orbital spectrometers to measure the light that skips off of a planetary surface. By determining which electromagnetic wavelengths of light are reflected or absorbed by the surface, the scientists can then get an idea of which minerals and other compounds are present.

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There are ongoing studies assessing the past habitability potential of the Red Planet, as well as the possibility of life.

Prepare for the New Moon Just Like the Full Moon. If we stay with it though and begin to prepare for the New Moon just like we used to do only for the Full Moon, we have the opportunity now for heightened awareness, increased unfolding of our intuition two times during the month instead of just one.

Whether the Moon has an effect on Women in general we do not know for sure, but we do know volcanic eruptions follow the cycle of the Moon.