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NASA Alien Files ufo nasa secret files sts 75 sts 48 a youtube NASA Alien Files

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A little interesting about space life.

The prevailing theory of lunar formation--the Giant Impact hypothesis--proposes that our Moon was born as the result of a disastrous collision between our still-forming proto-Earth and a doomed Mars-sized body named Theia--and this impact is thought to have created a partially vaporized, extremely hot disk of material that swirled around our infant planet. Eventually, this primordial disk cooled off, and ultimately accreted to form our Moon. In February 2018, a team of astronomers announced that their ongoing research is revealing that Earth's Moon may be wetter than initially thought, which raises important questions about some aspects of this origin story.

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Discovering the water content of volcanic deposits on our Moon using orbital instruments presents quite a challenge. Planetary scientists use orbital spectrometers to measure the light that skips off of a planetary surface. By determining which electromagnetic wavelengths of light are reflected or absorbed by the surface, the scientists can then get an idea of which minerals and other compounds are present.

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Jupiter, like Saturn, is circled by more than 60 known satellites. Many of them are tiny moonlets, measuring only a few miles across, and are probably captured asteroids or minor planets--or their shattered remains.

Other facts:

Seven sister moons circle Saturn as it whirls around in the realm of the giant planets, so far from the light and warmth of our Sun. The moons have kept the secret of their mysterious origins very well--but they are now beginning to reveal their hidden past.

It's good to keep track and to know what phase of the moon we are in. Our behaviors and emotional responses directly correlate to the Moon's lunation phases. When we coordinate our activities with the lunar energies we can really maximize their influence. And we can use all the help we can get, right? Plant seeds, ideas, visions at the New Moon. Weed, cull, and remove the unnecessary at the Full Moon.

Volcanic Eruptions and the Moon. The arguments how the Moon effect our lives are not always clear but the more bizarre it sounds the more it can be true. Astronomers studying the Moon and volcanoes began to see a pattern. It appeared that the effect of the Moon on volcanoes is greater than we thought. Volcanoes erupt any time but when studied it was found that they tend to erupt more when the Moon is full and during the New Moon. This was proven to a point that eruptions could be predicted to within minutes. More research showed that major eruptions in history all coincided with the phases of the Moon.