Milky Way From Voyager 1 nasa39s voyager 1 in 39cosmic purgatory39 on verge of Voyager 1 From Milky Way

Milky Way From Voyager 1 nasa39s voyager 1 in 39cosmic purgatory39 on verge of Voyager 1 From Milky Way

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Curious facts about cosmic life and their inhabitants.

During the ancient days, humans were not very informative, having little or zero knowledge about their surrounding occurrences, including the moon influence into human's lives. They thought that the lunar force originating from the moon is strong but in fact it is just a minor tidal pull. Scientific studies have proven that a child in the mother's embrace will exert twelve million times as much of tidal force compared to the moon. However the old conventional mentality has not been completely wiped off as some people still hold onto the belief that the moon's lunatic haul is capable of causing earthquakes, which is rather absurd from the view of the science facts. As a matter of fact, none of the objects - the Sun or moon has the capability of pushing powerful forces onto the Earth.

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Besides, the misconception is detected as the force from the moon influence comes from the distance, not affected by the phase. The moment of perigee, where the moon is situated closest to the Earth can happen at any time of the phase and higher tides are caused by the position of the Earth, moon and Sun. This is because strong tidal forces are exerted and these forces are a combination of the moon's and the Sun's, not entirely the contribution of the moon. There was a book by Arnold Lieber who commented that the catastrophic earthquake caused by the moon's force yet there was no such happenings. Although he did a prediction of an earthquake in California, everything that happened was not of what he derived to be.

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Although the moon appears to be changing according to the lunar phases, it is not literally changing. It was the amount of light it reflects that is constantly altering. The moon always remains the same and the light does not affect the shape of the moon, in any ways. In fact, it has has no power of light and it receives all the light from the Sun. Most people are unaware of this that they thought it is capable of glowing and beautifully bright. As a matter of fact, the moon is one mysterious yet very enchanting object.

Other facts:

So, is there really any truth to this idea that crime and deviant behavior increase during a full moon? Of all the studies done, no one can seem to scientifically prove that this is the case. Scientifically. But science isn't everything. If it were, we wouldn't need faith, there would be no such thing as a miracle and dreams would never be voiced.

Some studies which have been performed in certain cities within the United States show that there is no correlation between the full moon phase and such things as a rise in suicides, crime rate, dog bites or births. And yet, other studies completed by such individuals as psychologists and other human behaviorists have shown that there is, in fact, a peak in certain kinds of behavior associated with a loss of contact with reality during full moons. These include murder, arson, dangerous driving and kleptomania, which is an irresistible impulse to steal due to an emotional rather than economical need.

No Satellite Pictures. Even with all of our telescopes on Earth and the incredibly powerful Hubble Telescope, none of them has ever taken any pictures with any of the landing sites of the Moon. This often misleads us to the thought: are they really out there?