Mars Curiosity Rover Accessories these photos of the mars rover curiosity39s main external Mars Accessories Rover Curiosity

Mars Curiosity Rover Accessories these photos of the mars rover curiosity39s main external Mars Accessories Rover Curiosity

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Curious facts about cosmic life and their inhabitants.

The sunlight that penetrates through the transparent crust helps the growth of vegetation in the caves to a substantial extent. However sunlight is not the main light source in the caves. The types of vegetation found in the moon are markedly different from the ones on earth. The plants commonly seen in the caves are quite short and look very much like the miniature trees, bushes and shrubs grown using Japanese "Bonsai" techniques.

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With such intriguing results before them, the team of astronomers studied the data to determine if Kepler-22b actually has a moon. Unfortunately, their analysis reveals no evidence for the existence of an exomoon circling Kepler-22b. This non-detection suggests that the mass of any companion world around Kepler-22b must be less than 0.54 times the mass of our planet--with an impressive confidence rate of 95%! Therefore, it is very unlikely that Kepler-22b is circled by an Earth-like moon. Nevertheless, it is still too soon to give up hope. The Hunt for Exomoons with Kepler project has studied nine planetary systems in search of exomoons. Although none were detected, with the team's new results about the possibility of finding Earth-sized moons and the remaining treasure trove of Kepler data to sift through, large and possibly even habitable exomoons may start being spotted in the near future.

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The spacecraft Voyager 2 flew past Uranus in 1986, and Neptune in 1989. Voyager 2 sent back images of Neptune to Earth that revealed a strikingly beautiful deep blue planet, that sported stripes and bands, and spot-like storms akin to hurricanes. Neptune's bands and spots are different shades of blue--and these lovely shades of blue are caused by atmospheric methane, not oxygen. Some of Neptune's frothy storms are white, and look like whirling marshmallows.

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In dramatic contrast, the inner region of our Solar System, where our Earth dwells--along with Mercury, Venus, and Mars--is relatively barren of moons. Mercury and Venus have no moons, and Mars is orbited by a small duo of deformed moons, Phobos and Deimos, that are probably asteroids that escaped from the Main Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter billions of years ago--only to be captured by the Red Planet's powerful gravitational embrace. Our Earth is the only inner planet that possesses an impressively large, spherical Moon.

To help solve this mystery, Dr. Jacobson and his team devised supercomputer simulations of the growth of our Solar System's inner quartet of rocky, terrestrial planets out of the protoplanetary accretion disk swirling around our young Sun, from which the planetary building blocks, the planetesimals, eventually formed.

After a short sojourn under the Moon Goddess's influence, while we become accustomed to expressing ourselves through our emotions and our intuition as readily as we used to express through our minds and our physical bodies, the Old Man in the Moon and the Moon Goddess will unite. Inclusiveness not separation or one being more dominant than the other is our future, so do not resist the change to the Moon Goddess but embrace her moonbeams.