Giovanni Cassini Grave alien boy found in two thousand year old crimean tomb Grave Giovanni Cassini

Giovanni Cassini Grave alien boy found in two thousand year old crimean tomb Grave Giovanni Cassini

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For this reason, for many years astronomers considered the possibility that hydrocarbon lakes and seas might exist on this fantastic moon-world. Data that finally arrived courtesy of the joint NASA and European Space Agency's (ESA's) Cassini-Huygens mission lived up to their expectations. Since arriving at the Saturn system in 2004, the Cassini spacecraft has revealed more than 620,000 square miles of Titan's long-hidden, bewildering surface--and it has shown that almost two percent of Titan's entire surface is covered in liquid.

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Following the final giant impact that was responsible for lunar-birth, the Earth's mantle should have been depleted of iridium, platinum, and other similar elements. Although these elements still dwell in Earth's mantle, only small quantities remain. This indicates that only a small amount of material accreted onto Earth after the Moon-forming blast by the doomed Theia. Any such elements lingering in the Earth's crust that "love iron" arrived after that horrendous collision.

According to the new theory, moon-formation starts at the very edge of a planetary ring, where a fragile baby moon can begin to emerge without the danger of being ripped apart by the fierce gravity of its parent planet. These dancing little moonlets, formed from ring-material, then travel outward. As the ring-system continually produces moonlet after moonlet after moonlet, the small icy worlds coalesce to form increasingly larger moons. The larger moons, in turn, may also merge together, as they dance outward from their parent planet.