Galileo Probe Jupiter Re-Entry atmospheric reentry academic kids Galileo Re-Entry Probe Jupiter

Galileo Probe Jupiter Re Entry atmospheric reentry academic kids Galileo Re Entry Probe Jupiter

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Interesting facts about space.

Some studies which have been performed in certain cities within the United States show that there is no correlation between the full moon phase and such things as a rise in suicides, crime rate, dog bites or births. And yet, other studies completed by such individuals as psychologists and other human behaviorists have shown that there is, in fact, a peak in certain kinds of behavior associated with a loss of contact with reality during full moons. These include murder, arson, dangerous driving and kleptomania, which is an irresistible impulse to steal due to an emotional rather than economical need.

and here is another

These different results to basically the same types of studies make me wonder if there is any relationship between location on the planet and the full moon. Are there areas on the planet and in our own country that may be more effected by lunar phases than others? Is this even possible?

and finally

The spacecraft Voyager 2 flew past Uranus in 1986, and Neptune in 1989. Voyager 2 sent back images of Neptune to Earth that revealed a strikingly beautiful deep blue planet, that sported stripes and bands, and spot-like storms akin to hurricanes. Neptune's bands and spots are different shades of blue--and these lovely shades of blue are caused by atmospheric methane, not oxygen. Some of Neptune's frothy storms are white, and look like whirling marshmallows.

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The Burmese month of Kason (April/May), the second month of the Burmese year, has arrived and 'Kason la pyei', the Full-moon of Kason marks an important date for Burmese people, in general, and Burmese Buddhists, in particular. It is a month of commemoration and anticipation. Why this is so you will learn while reading this article.

During a Lunar eclipse the Earth blocks the Full Moon so light from the Sun cannot reach the Moon. We know the Moon reflects the Sun's light so during those moments when that light is blocked it's like the Moon takes a deep breath and holds it. In those moments magic happens. Shifts occur on the consciousness level. Since this Full Moon is in the sign of Capricorn ( Full Moons are always opposite the Sun) and the Sun is in Cancer, the issues of Capricorn and Cancer are up for consideration.. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is often seen as mothering, female nurturing energy and Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is the archetypal competitive, goal-oriented male energy. We each have BOTH these energies in our personas.

The crew was able to complete the mission, which would have put a big smile on the face of former President John F. Kennedy. President Kennedy had set a goal to put a man on the moon prior to the end of the decade (1960's) and this goal had now not only been fulfilled, but broadcast worldwide for any who wished to see the triumphant event. Clearly, this amazing feat proves that anything is possible.