Animal Astronauts animals in space pictures gallery freaking news Animal Astronauts

Animal Astronauts animals in space pictures gallery freaking news Animal Astronauts

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Interesting facts about space.

During the ancient days, humans were not very informative, having little or zero knowledge about their surrounding occurrences, including the moon influence into human's lives. They thought that the lunar force originating from the moon is strong but in fact it is just a minor tidal pull. Scientific studies have proven that a child in the mother's embrace will exert twelve million times as much of tidal force compared to the moon. However the old conventional mentality has not been completely wiped off as some people still hold onto the belief that the moon's lunatic haul is capable of causing earthquakes, which is rather absurd from the view of the science facts. As a matter of fact, none of the objects - the Sun or moon has the capability of pushing powerful forces onto the Earth.

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To make the flag stand still on the moon, the flag was actually made from plastic material, similar to the one that tents are usually made of. For practical reasons, the flag was originally folded to maximize space and stored in a thin tube. After Neil Armstrong planted it to the surface of the Moon, it briefly appeared to move as it was unfolding itself to its final shape.

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No Satellite Pictures. Even with all of our telescopes on Earth and the incredibly powerful Hubble Telescope, none of them has ever taken any pictures with any of the landing sites of the Moon. This often misleads us to the thought: are they really out there?

Other facts:

Gravity can pull binary systems apart when the sister objects travel too close to a massive body--such as the planet Neptune. The orbital motions of the two sister objects results in one member traveling slower than the other. This can disrupt the system and permanently alter the orbital companion. This mechanism is termed an exchange reaction, and it could have shot Triton into a number of different orbits around Neptune, Agnor continued.

On this full-moon day under the Bodhi tree he is said to have declared: "I know thee, never shall you build again these walls of pain." He made the 'knowledge' he had acquired in the course of his Enlightenment the basis of his following some 45 years of preaching and teaching as a religious philosopher while travelling as a mendicant. He was about 80 years old when he died in Kusinagara in Nepal after being poisoned.

As you can see we have a pair of eclipses occurring in July (actually they often travel in pairs).You can think of eclipses as New and Full Moons that pack a wallop. Eclipses are pivotal times that spark the beginning of changes that will become obvious 6 months down the line. Where eclipses fall in relation to your personal chart will show you which areas of your life are most impacted by their energy. I have found this to be a very important indicator of where to focus your energy for change and growth.