Alien Spacecraft Propulsion ufo propagation Alien Spacecraft Propulsion

Alien Spacecraft Propulsion ufo propagation Alien Spacecraft Propulsion

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Interesting facts about space.

The temperatures around the equatorial and mid latitude surface at daytime and in the night are around 225oF and minus 298oF respectively. As the moon day is approximately 28 earth days, heating and cooling of the moon's surfaces affects the inside cave temperature significantly. The temperature difference in the opposite side of the moon makes the air in the cave move from one area to the other creating complex wind movements. When high speed wind flows across the vertical rock structures, it makes gurgling sounds in the caves, resulting in eerie or weird echo effects. The blowing wind helps to mitigate the high humidity conditions.

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Though a moon day is equivalent to 28 earth days, surprisingly, the biological day cycle of the moon people is 24 earth hours. This shows that their biological clock has nothing to do with the sun rise and sun set in the moon. Perhaps the 24 hour period of time may be a unique biological 'interval of renewal' that nature has given to all human species. Usually moon people sleep about eight hours a day at "any time of convenience" and remain active during most of the remaining hours. The "time of convenience" varies for each individual. As a result of not having a particular day or night time, there are always people awake and active all of the time. Therefore, all community based activities take place all the time and continuously without stoppage. There are no holiday systems practiced in the moon. Every day is a working day and every hour is an active hour. Every hour is also a sleeping hour to whoever desires to consider it that way.

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Earth's Moon is our planet's closest neighbor in space, but it is remarkable how even neighbors can keep secrets from each other. For years, astronomers thought that Earth's Moon was barren of water and other volatile compounds, but this notion began to change in 2008, when a team of planetary scientists announced that they had discovered small quantities of water imprisoned within volcanic glass beads, that astronauts had carried back to Earth from the Apollo 13 and 17 missions to our Moon. In 2011, additional research revealed extremely tiny crystalline formations within those beads--indicating that they contained quantities of water similar to some basalts on Earth.

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Earth's Moon consists of a core, mantle, and crust. The lunar core is proportionally smaller than other terrestrial bodies' cores. The iron-rich, solid inner core is 149 miles in radius, and it is encased within a liquid iron shell that is about 56 miles thick. A partly molten layer with a thickness of 93 milles surrounds the iron core.

The new study was published in the April 3, 2014 issue of the journal Nature, and it may provide a solution to a long-standing mystery of lunar origins pertaining to why Earth and its lovely companion appear to sport virtually identical compositions.

Moon Goddess Receives the Latest at New Moon Time. At the New Moon time, the Moon Goddess is positioned directly between Mother Earth and the Sun. This is when the Moon Goddess discovers the latest that the Sun is experiencing in its travels through a new band in the sky. It is when the Moon Goddess's back side is being fully illuminated by the Sun's emissions for a twenty four hour period, beginning twelve hours before the actual encounter and lasting for twelve hours afterward.