Alien Spacecraft Propulsion alien spacecraft unveiled Spacecraft Alien Propulsion

Alien Spacecraft Propulsion alien spacecraft unveiled Spacecraft Alien Propulsion

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Interesting facts about space.

Triton is unique among our Solar System's moons of planetary mass. This is because its orbit is retrograde to Neptune's rotation and inclined relative to Neptune's equator. This suggests that Triton was not born in orbit around Neptune, but was instead snared by the giant planet.

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That's right, if the moon is either Full or New (at night) will affect the fishes behavior during the day. This is worth considering the next time you're planning a fishing trip. The funny thing about this 'moon phase' stuff is that you can get as complicated as you want. If you so choose, you can research this stuff to the death. In my opinion, that's not at all necessary. As a matter of fact you can learn what you need to know about the moons impact on fishing in about a half an hour.

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"This means that at the atomic level, the Earth and the Moon are identical. This new information challenged the giant impact theory for lunar formation," study lead author Dr. Seth Jacobson told on April 2, 2014. Dr. Jacobson is a planetary scientist at the Cote d'Azur Observatory in Nice, France.

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"How can this be? Is it just a matter of size? Location? What about Mercury and Venus? Did they grow on similar timescales to the Earth or on timescales more similar to Mars? I think these are some of the really important questions that we, as a community of planetary scientists, will be addressing in the future," Dr. Jacobson told the press in April 2014.

He added that "In our model for the Saturn system, we propose that Titan grew in a couple of giant impacts, each one combining the masses of the colliding bodies, while shedding a small family of middle-sized moons."

Special note: This year there were 2 New Moons in Cancer, one at the beginning of the sign and one at the end. That is VERY significant, as is the fact that these New Moons are SUPERMOONS. A SUPERMOON (this is the 2nd of 5 this year) happens when the New or Full Moon is at its closest to Earth in its elliptical orbit. We feel the energy of the Moon's effect on Earth at those times. This will bring more intense tides and more intense feelings all around, specifically in the areas ruled by the signs involved.